Meet the 87 year old with 86 wives

Bello Masaba demands absolute obedience from his wives – all 86 of them. The 87 year old nigerian faith healer has been marrying a woman every few weeks for decades, assembling an extended family of around 5.000 people, many of whom live in the sprawling compound around his house. That huge harem has gotten him in trouble with the law – Nigeria is run by Sharia law, and the Koran says a man should have at most four wives. But he got off after his wives protested on his behalf. 😀

2 thoughts on “Meet the 87 year old with 86 wives

  1. Acasa de unde-i el probabil ca se poarta mai multe si odata la niste ani a mai schimbat cate o garnitura de consoarte

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