Just Realitatea TV

Tot ce face Realitatea TV este să se ia de greci de când cu referendumul și-i face cu ou și cu oțet pentru că nu vor să-și plătească datoriile. Asta, în condițiile în care Realitatea Media are datorii neachitate către ANAF de 20 milioane euro, pe care, de asemeni, nu prea are de gând și nici nu prea poate să le plătească.

Păi bravo!

În altă ordine de idei:

Greece is now on its own path. It is deciding its own fate. There is something admirable about that.

From the beginning, Merkel and the EU have operated from the position that because Greece took on debt, Greece now needs to pay it back. That position assumed — bizarrely, in hindsight — that debt only works one way: if you lend someone money, then they pay it back.

But that is NOT how free markets work.

Debt is not a guarantee of future payments in full. Rather, it is a risk that creditors take, in hopes of maybe being paid tomorrow.

The key word there is „risk.”

If you’re willing to take the risk, you’ll get a premium — in the form of interest.

But the downside of that risk is that you lose your money. And Greece just called Germany’s bluff.

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