Nobody is afraid of the US anymore!

It may look like your standard photo op, but the image of Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad raising hands with the leaders of Brazil and Turkey after their deal on nukes is much, much more to Charles Krauthammer. „That picture— a defiant, triumphant take-that-Uncle-Sam—is a crushing verdict on the Obama foreign policy,” he writes at the Washington Post.

„It demonstrates how rising powers, traditional American allies, having watched this administration in action, have decided that there’s no cost in lining up with America’s enemies and no profit in lining up with a US president given to apologies and appeasement.” And you thought it was just a photo op. 😉

2 thoughts on “Nobody is afraid of the US anymore!

  1. Great discussion. And I REALLY like that you practice what you preach. That’s when you can tell a post has come together.
    And I’m also fascinated by how fresh you made the routine [admit it: what you just shared has been regurgitated millions of time. ;-)].
    Ben Johnson said people don’t need taught as much as they need reminding.
    Good work.

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