Texas school rejects lesbians’ daughter!

A little girl in Texas was denied admission to a private school because her parents are lesbians, Fox News reports. When Jill and Tracy Harrison, who married in Canada, enrolled daughter Olivia at St. Vincent’s Episcopal School last month, they crossed out the word “father” on the admissions forms so both women were listed as “mother.” Even so, the school assumed Tracy was male and allowed them to attend parents’ night. At that point it became obvious both were female…and Olivia was turned away.

The school disagrees with the Harrisons’ lesbian lifestyle and made its decision “in conformity with scripture and our own church’s doctrinal standards,” a statement says. „It is clear that enrolling the child in a traditional Christian school, such as St. Vincent’s School, would not foster her own personal values at home. And it might undermine the moral instruction of our clergy and teachers in the minds of our schools students and parents. Our prayers are with Olivia and her mother.”

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