How to get fired? Flirt with students on Facebook!

Bad idea: Kissing your 18-year-old former student on the lips. Worse idea: Taking a picture of it. Totally insane idea: Posting that picture to Facebook.

It’s just one of the crazy stories coming out of New York City, where at least three educators in the past six months have been fired for having inappropriate student-teacher relations on the social networking site.

The other two fired teachers, both male, are accused of flirting with female students via Facebook, the New York Post reports.

One allegedly wrote comments like “This is sexy” under their photos and posted ill-advised lines like, “I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ll take a look inside.” The other is accused of sending inappropriate messages, like telling one girl she was pretty and another that her “boyfriend [doesn’t] deserve a beautiful girl like you.”

Note to me: Be afraid, be very afraid!

6 thoughts on “How to get fired? Flirt with students on Facebook!

  1. Dar una e sa le ai printre prieteni si atat, iar cu totul alta treaba e sa vb cu ele prostii si sa te mai si lauzi cu ele! 😉

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