Vatican issues warning on Opus Angelorum sect!

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The Vatican has issued a warning to bishops to watch out for an ultra right-wing Catholic sect that prays to angels to combat demons, and believes women who have had abortions are possessed by the devil. Dozens of priests and nuns are part of the group, Opus Angelorum, and some of their actions are „disturbing the ecclesiastical community,” the Vatican has warned.

The warning offers no specifics, but, intriguingly, notes that sect members are ignoring liturgical law relating to Communion, and that they’re not accepting church „norms,” reports the BBC.

The sect – which operates primarily in Germany, Austria, and Brazil – was founded more than 30 years ago by an Austrian housewife who claimed to have conversations with an archangel who provided her with a list of angel and demon names. The Vatican agreed to officially recognize Opus Angelorum in 1992, provided members followed church law and agreed not to base any activities on information provided in the housewife’s „alleged revelations.”

2 thoughts on “Vatican issues warning on Opus Angelorum sect!

  1. Asta cu sectele mi se pare o prostie. Vine unu/una care crede ca s-a intalnit cu nustiu e inger sau ia la prima mana cateva pasaje din Biblie si isi face religie crezand in mintea lui ca detine adevaruri absolute

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