Between the devil’s music and God’s way

Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson knows how to raise holy hell onstage — but behind the scenes, he’s doing the Lord’s work. And the Lord’s homework.

Between shows on the thrash-metal veterans’ current multi-band Gigantour, the 47-year-old bassist isn’t partying: He’s studying online to become an ordained Lutheran pastor.

I don’t see me standing up there in a white robe doing sacraments and preaching and all that, I’m doing this distance-education stuff to learn some new things. To open my eyes and ears to some different walks in this life is inspiring to me.

At 25, I took a different turn in my life and got off all the dope and booze and cleaned my life up. That was almost 22 years ago. I’ve been married almost 18 years. I’ve got teenage kids. My life is pretty wholesome. Which is the funny thing about it. People tend to think heavy metal guys just constantly earn it and burn it. And my experience with the hardest-edge metal guys is that we’re gentle giants when we get off the stage. We leave it all on the stage, which is how it should be.

The whole story here: Toronto Sun

4 thoughts on “Between the devil’s music and God’s way

  1. Ce bine arata tipu’ cand era tanar! Motiv de incleiat ecranu’ cu saliva 😀
    Nu ca acum ar arata rau, is altii care au cu 10 ani mai putin si parca deja au imbatranit mai urat. Dar parca nu mai are acelasi farmec…

  2. Daca de la 25 nu mai face excese, normal ca arata bine. Asta mai si doarme si nici nu se prafuieste seara de seara. 😛

  3. Si mai si face prajiturele 😆

    La modul serios acum, nu are neaparat legatura cu asta 🙂
    Is unii tampiti rau care arata superb. Altii la fel de tampiti, arata parca iesiti dintr-un film de groaza. Si printre cei cuminti la fel stau lucrurile. Unii arata bine, altii groaznic.

    Gandeste-te la Motley Crue, alta trupa care ajunge la noi in aceeasi perioada cu Megadeth. Nikki Sixx & Tommy Lee au fost cei mai „excesivi” si sunt singurii care inca arata a oameni. In schimb, Vince Neil arata ca un balon umflat, gata sa pocneasca, iar Mick Mars… brr, te astepti sa se dezintegreze, sa-i pice vreo mana, o ureche…

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